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Souvenir Views CD

A CD version of the original recording of “Souvenir Views” is now available. “Souvenir Views” was the musical written for the centennial celebration of Washburn, WI in 1983. The songs tell of Washburn’s history of logging, shipping and it’s people. The CD includes everyone’s favorite, “Just a Little Town on the Big Lake, But It’s Home Sweet Home to Me.”


Track Listing:

  1. Huntsman's Chorus
  2. Long Ships on the Tall Water
  3. All for A A Bigelow
  4. No Flies on Washburn
  5. Courthouse Cavalcade
  6. A C Probert Came to Town
  7. Miller's Reel
  8. Souvenir Views - Evening Serenade
  9. Castle Guard March
  10. Where Are All the Railroads
  11. Souvenir Views - Barksdale News
  12. Winter Blues
  13. Trolling Home to You
  14. Just a Little Town on the Big Lake