Song in Your Hat

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Song in Your Hat CD

Warren's new 2010 release "Song in Your Hat" presents 12 songs that cover his talents in composing a variety of styles, from pop to folk to bluegrass to old timey to boogie-woogie to comedic classical, all with his master touch of lyrics. The CD features The Nelson Outfit with Randy Sabien, Ed Willett, Andy Dee and Rowan Nelson-Ferris.  Songs include "Another Long Hair Music Man," "Once You've Lived in Colorado" and "When The Wind Comes Home."

"What a band! What a great time it was recording this CD," says Nelson. "I've never been happier."


Track Listing:

  1. Another Long Hair Music Man
  2. Ride Ride Ride
  3. Once You've Lived in Colorado
  4. Li'l Missouri Road
  5. When the Wind Comes Home
  6. The Glory Road
  7. Circle at the Supper Table
  8. Wizard in this Blizzard
  9. Analogue Man
  10. Leave Me Alone
  11. AARP
  12. Take Another Road